Cecelia Mandrile

Cecilia Mandrile
11th December 2014
The Translation of a Wound

She did her PhD here in 2004, and had been back working here in the CFPR for 18m.

International Artist, she would say a travelling artist
She is from Argentina of Italian descent, did her MA in USA

She found a theme, and has been able to find new ways to say it and take it forward with appropriate contextualisation.

Starting from a photographic self-portrait
Working with fragmentation and displacement

Traveller, a wound, doesn’t want to work in editions, likes the process and the surprises, a metaphor for how we are when we are in different places

Not working well when settled

She had a traditional print studio in Argentina, when she left for USA in 1995
she had no materials nor studio.
Self portrait manipulated, no gender nor age
Printed onto fabric, ironed onto and taped to paper
Bodies made from found objects
Obtained grants, and has taught for 20y to live
Low budget work that is small scale and portable
Troupe of dolls, portable and no frame, birth life and death living process.

In Argentina, colonial museum, dolls covered with panels like the building, the space that the art is in becomes part of it, something brought something found, just as you are if you live in a different place

Doll in little bed, her grandmother had just died, *like Frida Kahlo’s bed, photo reflection like a spirit

The Perfume of Absence
Portable Objects/ Found Places 2000/04

*Second language makes you freer as well as more difficult, (oh yes)
She had a bad RTA too

Images had to travel on floppy discs, Cuba, Saudi, Belgium, impermanence, like anonymous intelligent garden gnomes reference Amelie and Cuba gnome image
Found spaces
Speaks so fast hard to hear

Hewlett Packard print sponsorship
No ID needed here, so unlike other parts of the world
Travel difficulty for so many people
50 by 50 cms, passport photos for the dolls,
Giclee printing shallow to her, so overlaying layers of print

Portraits in ID wallets intensively displaced = identity documents
Photo and the home, pairs of photos
This is who I am and where I am in wallets

Retirement homes for the dolls, they age too

In Zagreb, gave them up for adoption, symbolic, she has their addresses
Like & not like children

Community project in Argentina teaching art to children, as the children get older they teach the younger ones. They loved a doll and dressed itin un-Mandrile pink
The bed reprised
Steel arms, fading, make it breathe, creepy dolls which breathe, solitude of contemporary life, discarded  as noisy.

Graphic Evidence: Evidence of Displacement: Betweening

Can signify in different ways, started to explore shadows

Meanings change, as we go through different phases of life

You always have your own shadow

Wall I between two dolls and their shadows
* Why does Art seem so often to come from pain?*

Gauchos, often nomads Spaniards and Creoles, also in Jordanian Bedouin family, improvised poetry like a battle of words
North Arica too, like hip hop or rap

“I thought it was very interesting” * I so often say this*

The Desert Inside, Wadi Rum April 2014

Travelling journal work

*Just like my doll being born??*

24h in desert and the shadows,

Photographs of a soft doll and hard one made with stones, the encounter between them, sun exposed photograms, forty images, portable, solitude of traveller

Memory game

Trace from photograms, then photolaser cut
40 days 40 nights in the desert – you are a Bedouin

Two of each, and if overlap new combinations
Prints from the sand and sun dialogue with the desert

Cyanotype paper, move to get sense of movement

Siesta type,in a cave, silhouette  image of rock texture

Then in the evening, low light, sand imprints, impermanence
Open air camping

Travelling Journal called Solitaire

Digital prints are portable
Accidents can be useful, traces

* Perhaps loss of identify can only really be understood by those who have been displaced in any way*

Beautiful woman, irrelevant?, no, a performance, made me think a lot about the development of ideas and observations. She spoke afterwards about how lots of ideas don’t get followed through at the time but stay for maybe use later.

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