Catherine of Aragon

~ Proud Princess of Spain & Wales, widowed, married Henry VIII, six pregnancies, only daughter Mary survived, divorced ~

Daughter of Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon

Married Arthur, Prince of Wales
She was 16, he was 15, he died six months later
It was generally accepted the marriage was not consummated

Her father wanted to maintain the English alliance, Henry VII wanted to keep her dowry,

She married her first husband’s younger brother, becoming Henry VIII’s first wife
She was 23, he was 17

Regent when Henry was away on business in France, she and the English army were successful at the Battle of Flodden.  King James VI of Scotland had invaded Northumberland, he was killed, leaving Henry’s elder sister Margaret a widow.

She had six pregnancies in eighteen years, three boys and three girls, but only one daughter survived. Mary.

Just after her final pregnancy, when another baby girl died, Henry’s mistress Bessie Blount gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Bad timing. Henry was already enamoured of Anne Boleyn, and became convinced Catherine could never bear him a son.

Divorced age 47, she died when 50 years old.